National Creators Award 2024 – Explore the Full Winner List Here!

National Creators Award 2024 

In India, there are millions of content creators across social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, contributing diverse content. Many creators are making significant contributions to India’s progress, prompting the Indian government to organize the inaugural National Creators Awards program to honor their efforts.The National Creators Awards 2024 recognized outstanding content creators from various fields, acknowledging their creativity, impact, and contribution to society. The award ceremony showcased the talent and innovation prevalent in the Indian content creation landscape, celebrating individuals who have excelled in producing compelling and influential content.

Winners were selected through a rigorous evaluation process, considering factors such as content quality, engagement metrics, audience reach, and societal impact. The award categories encompassed a wide range of genres, including entertainment, education, art, lifestyle, and activism, reflecting the diverse interests and talents of Indian creators.The National Creators Awards served as a platform to spotlight emerging talents and established influencers, fostering a supportive ecosystem for content creators to thrive and inspire others. By recognizing their contributions, the Indian government aims to encourage creativity, innovation, and positive social change through digital content.

The event also featured panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, providing creators with valuable insights, resources, and connections to further enhance their craft and reach. Through initiatives like the National Creators Awards, India continues to nurture its vibrant content creation community, empowering individuals to make meaningful contributions and shape the digital landscape positively.

After receiving over 1.5 lakh nominations, the National Creators Award witnessed its culmination on March 8, 2024, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi honoring winners across 23 categories with prestigious awards.

National Creators Award 2024 Winner List

In its inaugural year, the Indian government introduced 23 categories for the National Creators Award, with winners chosen based on voting. Renowned storyteller and social media influencer Jaya Kishori received the Best Creator For Social Change award. Kabita Singh, a popular content creator, was honored with the Best Creator in Food Category award. Similarly, Nischay Malhaan was awarded the Best Creator in Gaming Category.

Name Category
Jaya Kishori Best Creator for Social Change
Kabita Singh Best Creator in Food Category
Drew Hicks Best International Creator
Kamiya Jani Favourite Travel Creator
Ranveer Allahbadia Disruptor of the Year
RJ Raunac Most Creative Creator-Male
Shraddha Most Creative Creator (Female)
Aridaman Best Micro Creator
Nishchay Best Creator in the Gaming Category
Ankit Baiyanpuria Best Health and Fitness Creator
Naman Deshmukh Best Creator in Education Category
Jahnvi Singh Heritage Fashion Icon
Malhar Kalambe Swachhta Ambassador
Gaurav Chaudhary Best Creator in Tech Category
Maithili Thakur Cultural Ambassador of The Year
Pankti Pandey Favourite Green Champion
Keerthika Govindasamy Best Storyteller
Aman Gupta Celebrity Creator


National Creators Award – Honoring India’s Digital Innovators

The National Creators Award is a prestigious initiative introduced by the Indian government to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of social media content creators and influencers. Launched in 2024, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this program aims to celebrate individuals who have made significant impacts through their creative content across various digital platforms.

This groundbreaking event provides a platform to honor and recognize the talent, innovation, and influence of content creators from diverse backgrounds and fields. From storytellers and artists to activists and educators, the National Creators Award celebrates the diversity and creativity prevalent in India’s digital landscape.

The inaugural ceremony, held on March 8, 2024, marked the beginning of a new era in recognizing and appreciating the efforts of content creators who leverage social media to inspire, inform, entertain, and drive positive change in society. Through the National Creators Award, the Indian government aims to encourage creativity, foster innovation, and promote digital empowerment across the country. By highlighting the achievements of content creators and influencers, this initiative not only honors their individual contributions but also inspires others to harness the power of digital platforms for meaningful engagement and social impact.

The objective of the National Creators Award is to provide encouragement and recognition to Indian social media content creators and influencers. Initiated by the Indian government, this program aims to acknowledge the voices of content creators who are reaching audiences across the nation. By honoring these creators, the government seeks to promote and support their contributions to social media and digital platforms. The National Creators Award underscores the importance of content creation in fostering dialogue and communication within society while celebrating the creativity and influence of these individuals.


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